Building-Wide WiFi

While wired fiber connections are the initial point of entry into your building, one of the easiest and most affordable ways to spread the broadband signal wherever you want it is through WiFi. Just like the WiFi you would experience in a hotel, the broadband signal can be used wirelessly by any device within range. We will design a WiFi plan that brings connectivity wherever you want it, including to each unit and community spaces. WiFi installation requires minimal disruption to your walls, so it is ideal for existing properties.

A WiFi network can also be built to include individual unit access and personal networks much like our wired network solutions, which would allow for tiered speeds and pricing, TV streaming services, and layering of IoT devices.

What We Offer:

We offer a robust, full-coverage wireless network that is a true property-wide WiFi Solution. You’ll receive fixed bandwidth to your building(s) that is logically spread to optimize the online experience for all users. Our network maintenance and monitoring ensures that every user can connect at reasonable speeds and that if any individual piece of equipment fails, traffic is automatically routed through other access points.

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