Bringing broadband to your residents is easier than you may think.

These days, home-based access to the Internet is more important than ever, with 59% of adults working remotely and 83% of students doing some remote learning. With reliable, high-quality, and AFFORDABLE broadband, all of your residents have the opportunity to:

learn & work remotely
earn and save (on avg $2k/year per household)
grow tech skills
access online social services
age in place

Value to Your Bottom Line

What’s more, managed broadband brings income generating potential to landlords, such as recurring monthly revenues from technology bundled for your residents. But there are other direct and indirect benefits to your bottom line, as well:

Dynamic broadband pricing

Dynamic broadband pricing

Broadband is too expensive. Customers usually have few options when purchasing home internet service. The best pricing often only comes bundled with TV and home phone service, driving monthly costs to well over $100. More affordable offerings, and special programs targeted to low-income households involve hoops and restrictions to navigate and usually offer slower than needed connections. We install building-wide, building-owned broadband networks. What that means is that you, as the owner, can set the price of high-speed, high-quality broadband for your residents at a rate that is way more affordable than what is available on the open market. It also means you can offer it for free in common areas.

Adding a modest margin on the cost of the broadband will ensure that operating expenses are covered. Offering additional optional services, like streaming TV or IoT bundles to your residents can also improve your bottom line. Other opportunities, such as leasing out your connection and a little rooftop space to a wireless company, can be easy and lucrative as well, as long as you have the network in place.
Lease your rooftop to wireless carriers

Lease your rooftop to wireless carriers

One of the easiest ways to earn recurring revenue from your new broadband network is to lease space on your roof to a wireless carrier. Many carriers are looking for places to boost their signal strength, and MDU rooftops can be ideal locations to connect the small cell devices that are often no bigger than a pizza box.

Properties can reasonably expect to generate between $800-$1000/month in revenues from each wireless carrier, with zero cost of installation and no maintenance fees.
Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

There are lots of reasons to focus on efficiency in your property. Your tenants bills go down, your bills go down, and you can reduce the negative impacts to the planet. One of the more effortless ways to impact utility usage and spending is through technology automation. Automation can be implemented in all areas in your immediate control—such as common areas and empty apartments, but you can also offer smart tech to your tenants that will further reduce your building’s energy footprint. If you are looking to build out Photovoltaic (PV) systems on your rooftop (such as the State of California is requiring for MDUs), internet-based network infrastructure is a must have, and the energy savings can get much larger still.

Systems such as smart lighting, thermostats, leak sensors, and water monitors implemented in common areas can reduce your utility costs by as much as 30%, and potentially much more with a PV system.
Increase property value

Increase property value

Upgrading network and technology infrastructure leads to increased property asset values ranging from 6-8% depending on your location.

​ For all the other reasons mentioned here, your property value is affected by added infrastructure–reduced tenant turnover, attractiveness of added amenities, energy efficiency, risk mitigation, revenue potential, and so on. Adding infrastructure adds to your bottom line. And our flexible approach can make it a no-brainer.
Risk mitigation

Risk mitigation

Owning and managing a property means managing risk. Smart technology can help do just that. From access control systems, and other monitors and sensors, property managers can be alerted to issues before they become big problems.

With smart leak sensors, for example, you can rest easy knowing issues can be easily identified and fixed early. Water leak damage and repair average ~$11,000 per incident.
Amenities reduce tenant turnover

Amenities reduce tenant turnover

Tenant turnover can be expensive. An apartment earning $950/month in rent can end up costing nearly double that in monthly costs during tenant turnover. While not every reason for tenant turnover is in the owner’s immediate control, you can do things to mitigate it. Smart amenities, including now necessary broadband, encourage tenants to stay put, and attract tenants when you do have a vacancy.

Better connectivity means greater tenant retention: as much as 5-8%!

How Building-Wide Broadband Works

Creating a network at your property is the most affordable, easiest-to-maintain way to bring high-quality broadband to all of your residents. Here is a quick primer on what a typical build-out looks like:

What it’s Like to Work with Us

We understand that the Internet is not your business. But it is ours. We were pioneers in bringing internet access to affordable housing, and we know how to make this easy for you.


It starts with a call (or a click).

Let’s talk through your needs. We’ll ask some simple questions about your new development plans or existing property. We’ll give you some immediate ideas about how we could proceed. If you prefer, answer a few questions right here to start exploring your options.


We’ll take a look at your property or your plans.

If possible, we’ll visit your property and take a look around. We’ll see what infrastructure is already in place, what might need to be upgraded or installed. If we are looking at a new development, we can talk to your GC and look over the building plans.


We’ll design a technical solution that fits your needs and your budget.

We’ll map out everything to make the plan a reality. The detailed technical specs, the budget, and the expected timeline. We’ll provide documentation fit for both your GC and your asset manager.


We’ll get everything installed and activated.

Our crews will come out and do the work quickly, professionally, and perfectly. We also love help! Centri Tech knows that tech installations as great opportunities for on-the-job training for your interested residents. This is one of many learning and earning opportunities of our Digital Integrators program.


We’ll manage the network, handle all the ongoing billing and maintenance.

After the on-site work is done, we’ll stay in the picture to make sure the network stays up and running, and your residents are happy! If you plan calls for it, we’ll manage any billing of services for your residents.